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Digestive tract heal and chronic inflammation

When Kristie worked in my area, I saw her for abdominal Chi Nei Tsang, or organ massage, and it was essential to my healing and well being.  Kristie would take her time and work very gently yet deeply and her bodywork deeply relaxed my nervous system from stress and helped my digestive tract heal from chronic inflammation.  I wish she

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Helps me maintain good health

Kristie is a gifted practitioner. Some of her gifts flow through her hands – she incorporates massage into many of her treatments and it feels sooooo good. Kristie has studied extensively with many teachers and has honed her diagnosis skills and is able to assess where the imbalances and then help to get that flow going with needles, herb recommendations,

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Back injury relief

As a preschool teacher my back is often stressed. Because of the work, it is challenging to take time off and the use of pain pills is not a possibility. After one particularly painful back injury I went to Kristie to try acupuncture. She was able to see me on a weekend and I felt immediate relief after the treatment.

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