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Overcoming Infertility

“I went to Kristie for acupuncture when I was going through infertility issues.
Kristie is an outstanding acupuncturist- highly skilled and knowledgeable in her field.
I highly recommend Kristie not only for fertility related issues, but also for stress management and overall well- being.
She has great knowledge of traditional herbs, diet plan, and exercise.  Kristie is very warm, compassionate, and genuinely cares for her patient.
I was also struggling with weight problem, and with Kristie’s guidance and knowledge of diet and exercise – I was able to lose the extra weight.
The acupuncture sessions with her were so relaxing and really helped during our infertility treatment.
Kristie is really amazing, very patient and always ready to help. We have been really lucky to meet Kristie in our toughest times.
She not only helped me overcome my fertility issues, but also gave me hope, excellent advice and encouragement throughout the whole process.
The huge part of our fertility success resulting in pregnancy were the acupuncture sessions with Kristie, along with her guidance and overall support.”  –Komal

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