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Relief from plantar fasciitis pain and hot flashes

Kristie is a skilled and kind acupuncturist. I first went to her for help with plantar fasciitis and got significant relief from the very first treatment. Her treatments and herbs have also given me relief from peri menopausal symptoms. She takes the time to listen and has a wonderful manner. K.A.

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Shoulder Pain, Joint Pain, Acid Reflux, and Allergies

Kristie was a godsend to me and my husband. He originally started to see her for his shoulder pain and lack of flexibility. Through her thorough screening, they discussed his issuers with acid reflux. It’s been well over a year since she treated his reflux and he is still issue/pain free and has taken no meds since! I started seeing

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IVF Success with Acupuncture

We had been trying to get pregnant for some time and had done 2 cycles of IVF. The IVF Dr. said we had bad eggs with unexplained reasons for our infertility. We were recommended to just get an egg donor.

We ended trying acupuncture instead of going with an egg donor. Kristie was our acupuncturist and is very knowledgeable. She

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Overcoming Infertility

“I went to Kristie for acupuncture when I was going through infertility issues.
Kristie is an outstanding acupuncturist- highly skilled and knowledgeable in her field.
I highly recommend Kristie not only for fertility related issues, but also for stress management and overall well- being.
She has great knowledge of traditional herbs, diet plan, and exercise.  Kristie is

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