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Pain Management

Tong Ze Bu Tong

Bu Tong Ze Tong

If there is free flow there is no pain;

if there is no free flow there is pain

~ Huang Di Nei Jing, Ancient Chinese Medicine Text


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, an obstruction to the blood, Qi, and lymph can result in pain.  Kristie uses acupuncture, electroacupuncture, massage, moxabustion (warming mugwort), cupping, and herbal formulas to increase blood circulation in the area of pain.  Better circulation allows for increased tissue repair and better muscle relaxation, which often results in pain reduction.

Some of the conditions Kristie has successfully treated include:

Headaches                Osteoarthritis                    Ankle sprains/strains

Tooth Pain                Rheumatoid arthritis         Neck pain

Shoulder pain          Knee/back pain                  Tennis elbow

Sciatica                     Carpal tunnel                      Plantar fasciitis



FREE 30 minute consultations are available to discuss any questions you may have about acupuncture and your health needs in a calm, relaxed environment.  No obligation consultations are always complementary.

Serving Hilo, Puna, and East Hawai‘i.

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