Kristie Nakasato

Kristine Nakasato, LAc, FABORM, owner of Waves of Wellness Acupuncture in Hilo, HI, has more than 10 years of acupuncture experience.  She is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, who is nationally certified in Oriental Medicine, and is a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Kristie received her Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in California. Her skills in Eastern medicine also extend to bodywork, and a highly specialized form of therapeutic abdominal massage. She trained, practiced, and instructed abdominal massage through the Chi Nei Tsang Institute and California acupuncture clinics.

Area of Concentration

Kristie has focused on women’s health, fertility, and pregnancy since she began working as an intern at Dr. Angela Wu’s renowned acupuncture clinic in San Francisco in 2004. Once she became a licensed acupuncturist, she continued to focus on women’s health by working at an acupuncture fertility clinic and taking classes with reproductive endocrinologists. After completing extensive training in fertility and pregnancy care, Kristie obtained her certification from the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.  She has supported both male and female fertility patients by reducing stress, supporting healthy dietary changes, regulating menstrual cycles, improving sperm parameters (count, motility, and morphology), and by balancing hormones.

Other Conditions

Utilizing various styles of acupuncture, including very gentle Japanese techniques, Kristie treats a wide range of conditions. Some of the conditions she has successfully treated include musculoskeletal pain, metabolic disorders, side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, and stress and anxiety.  Kristie looks at the symptom as part of a larger picture, and addresses the treatments accordingly.  Frequently, dietary and lifestyle adjustments, as well as herbal formulas and supplements will be recommended.


People often ask Kristie why she decided to become an acupuncturist.  After spending the first 19 years of her life on the Big Island, she transferred to college on the mainland.  Looking for connection to Hawai’i, she signed up for a Lomilomi massage course.  Years later, when she was working as as an ESL teacher and looking for a change, she remembered the Lomilomi course.  After enrolling in massage school, she became a certified massage therapist, and began to give acupressure, abdominal massage, and TCM treatments at Dr. Wu’s acupuncture clinic.  Kristie was also at the receiving end of treatments, receiving regular acupuncture treatments for low back pain, abdominal massage for general well being, and herbal formulas for cold and flu prevention.  Her low back pain disappeared, and she maintained a healthy immune system. Kristie decided to deepen her understanding of Eastern medicine and become an acupuncturist so she could help others achieve better health.

Kristie strives to practice what she advises her patients to do, which is to keep a balanced lifestyle.  When she is not working, Kristie enjoys cooking healthy food for her family, spending time outdoors, and going on meditation retreats.

Kristie holds deep gratitude to her teachers for guiding her towards meaningful work.  She is also very grateful to her patients for their courage in showing up just as they are, and for allowing her to be involved in their health care.


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